Wedding Packages

Your anniversary coming up!!!  You’re not quite sure how to celebrate these happy years together ? You want to show your appreciation and express your gratitude for the love and support you have received over the years, maybe even include chocolates and flowers, maybe not!


You decide to book a weekend vacation, a week-long getaway, but what else?

Book a truly special ceremony, one that will remind you of all the moments you lived and the vows of eternal love. Renew all the vows that are important to you as a couple and add the vows that have blossomed over these years together. Maybe you want just the two of you in attendance, maybe you want your children and loved ones, the choice is yours!


It is so simple to organize a Vow renewal ceremony, choose the date, the venue and the details. Best of all, there is no paperwork required! It can even be an after thought whilst you are on holiday---get in touch with the wedding coordinator and she will guide you through the process and make a real difference to your anniversary vacation!

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