Sunrise Hotel

Sunrise Hotel is consisted of 21, beautifully decorated rooms, providing all comforts. All rooms are equipped with private bathroom, satellite TV, A/C, refrigerator, balcony, telephone - fax and room service. 
The privileged location, at the center of Fira, makes Sunrise one of the best choices for exploring Santorini island.


Sunrise Hotel has 21 double, triple and quadruple rooms, which can accommodate up to four persons.
All rooms are spacious, comfortable and have traditional furniture.


If you are looking for a quiet and centrally located hotel for your vacation, you have come to the right place. In Santorini, the island of beauty and contrast, in the center of the city, Sunrise Hotel is situated at the most central spot of the island, Fira, the capital and offers a comfortable and pleasant accommodation to all guests. 

The hotel blends with the landscape, while the friendly and family atmosphere creates the best conditions for relaxation. You can enjoy your swim at the hotel swimming pool or a cool drink right next to it.

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1/4 - 31/5
1/10 - 31/10


1/6 - 30/6






Single BB

48 Euro

55 Euro

70 Euro

80 Euro

Double BB

60 Euro

70 Euro

85 Euro

90 Euro

Triple BB

70 Euro

75 Euro

90 Euro

100 Euro

Quadruple BB

85 Euro

90 Euro

110 Euro

120 Euro


NOTE : BB=Breakfast is included in prices and free transfer upon arrival and departure.

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