With the belief that Santorini is a gourmet destination and after spending many years in the kitchens of the best restaurants in Athens (Varoulko, Aristera-Deksia) and the largest hotels in Santorini (Katoikies, Tsitouras Collection), Dimitris Lazarou created for the first time on the island and specifically at Fira, his own gastronomic suggestion.


Saltsa Restaurant

Wedding Menu 1



Hand made freshly baked bread

Santorinian salad with cherry tomatoes, caper leaves, cucumber and “chloro” cheese

Fava with fresh onion, green olives and hazelnut

Stuffed onions with veal minced meat, pine nut and raisins in rocket pesto

“Spetsofai” traditional smoked village sausage with spicy tomato sauce

Marinated octopus with black eye beans salad

Bream fillet with steamed vegetables and crawfish sauce

Mixed kebab on a pita bread, with tomato sauce and yogurt

Pannacotta made with buttermilk served with fresh fruit sauce

Chocolate mousse served with hand made cherry sweet

Mineral Water - House wine


Price per person  €50.00 

Wedding Menu 2



Freshly baked handmade bread

Green salad with grapes, goat cheese and honey vinaigrette

White eggplants in a sesame and spices crust

“Fava” with olives, fresh onion and hazelnuts

Risotto with cuttlefish, fennel and leek

“Spetsofai” (handmade smoked sausage with  peppers and tomato sauce)

Grilled loin (pork) with sun dried tomato pesto and mushroom sauce

Salmon fillet baked with pear and sweet wine sauce

Pannacotta made with buttermilk served with fresh strawberries

Chocolate mousse with vanilla fruits and vinsanto sause

House wine - Mineral water


Price per person   €60.00  

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